The Hydrous creates high resolution 3D models of corals for research and visualization. Using just a camera and software, we produce accurate, interactive 3D models that are easy to view.


interactive models

These models are representations of living corals, made by stitching together underwater photographs. This method allows us to measure and share coral reefs in a compelling and non-destructive way. The Hydrous is currently experimenting with printing in materials to assist research into coral reef recruitment and restoration.

See the process here!

The [Hydrous] models are incredible. I see many areas where such high resolution models would be useful. We need a non-destructive way to accurately measure surface area and volume of corals. I think this would be incredible as a visualization and would definitely get people talking about how fabulous corals are.
— Professor Ruth D. Gates, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Digitization of Museum collections

We are currently assisting curators at the California Academy of Sciences to digitize their collection of scleractinian coral skeletons to produce both virtual and real 3D models for use in educational programs. Look out for updates here!

This technology will allow us to better understand coral reef diversity and health at an unprecedented scale, allowing us to help preserve them before they are gone.
— Alan Friedlander, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Pristine Seas, National Geographic Society


These bronze coral sculptures are the first of their kind in the world. We non-invasively modeled a living coral underwater and combined modern 3D printing techniques with old-world, traditional bronze casting methods.