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Ocean Salon: Saving Coral Reefs in the Era of Climate Change

  • Schmidt Marine Technology Partners 101 Embarcadero #118 San Francisco, CA 94105 United States (map)
Madhavi Colton

Madhavi Colton

"Doom and gloom" stories about coral reefs and rising ocean temperatures have dominated the media, but a recently-published paper in Nature Climate Change reveals that there's still hope for coral reefs. Join co-author and Program Director of the Coral Reef Alliance, Dr. Madhavi Colton, to learn how evolution can rescue reefs from the effects of climate change and what steps we can take today to #savecoralreefs. Madhavi will also show how the Coral Reef Alliance is putting science into action by working directly with local communities in the Mesoamerican Region.

Title photo credit: The Ocean Agency / Catlin Seaview Survey

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