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Ocean Salon: Citizen Scientists in Nusa Lembongan Bali

  • Schmidt Marine Technology Partners 101 Embarcadero #118 San Francisco, California 94105 United States (map)

An intrepid group of divers recently returned from a Hydrous expedition to Nusa Lembongan - and they’re excited to share their experiences. Here’s a few highlights to whet your appetite for learning more live and in person …

  • Coral restoration: getting trained and participating in Blue Corner Marine Research restoration efforts

  • Nudibranch hunt:  identified several dozen different nudibranch types for an iNaturalist project

  • Mantas and molas: thrilling to see big ocean mega-fauna

  • Community engagement: hosting an iNaturalist, Photogrammetry, and Hydrous talk with the local dive community

  • Giving back: donating $400 to the local coral restoration project and to a scholarship fund for local girls on the island of Lembongan to learn marine biology and become dive-masters

In addition to hearing about the expedition, we hope to have a group discussion about coral restoration approaches and related policy initiatives. Consider checking out these resources ahead of the gathering:

Save reefs to rescue all ecosystems (from Nature)

Giving coral reefs a future (from SECORE International)

Curious about Hydrous expeditions? Interested in becoming a citizen scientist? Wondering about how reefs might be restored? Join us to hear about it first-hand.

AND if you haven’t yet taken a virtual dive with our incredible VR film IMMERSE, show up at 5:30pm for a private screening!

All photos by Pete Niesen

Schmidt Marine Map.PNG