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Ocean Lovers Salon: Great White Sharks and Giant Crabs

Tim White of Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station has been studying the effects of fishing and protection on mobile species, including the effectiveness of large marine protected areas for shark conservation. Tim has recently been working with Barbara Block tagging and tracking the long-range movements of white sharks as they travel between the California coast and the "White Shark Cafe". He has also done field work at Palmyra Atoll, tracking the severely threatened coconut crab population.  Mark down April 25th in your calendar and join us for an exciting salon! We’ll have some excellent (free) wine for sipping, snacks and of course great conversation as well.
Photo credit: Stanford University

No admission charge
6:00-8:00pm Thursday April 25th at Schmidt Marine
101 The Embarcadero #118, San Francisco, CA 94105

Schmidt Marine Map.PNG