Monterey Expedition

In April 2017 the Hydrous hosted an expedition to Monterey Bay, California where we had the opportunities to explore some of the wonderful underwater ecosystems in our own backyard!

Together with Breakwater Scuba we were able to have a full day of diving along the breakwater wall and to the beautiful metridium fields (located past the end of an old sardine pipe, which was used when the canneries were active in the early 1900's) and had fun trying to identify the various nudibranchs we spotted. 

On land, we enjoyed the rare sightings of harbor seal pups (pupping season lasts just a few weeks every year) along the beaches and learned about the history of the California coast as it pertains to keystone species and thriving ecosystems. 

We rounded off the weekend at Moss Landing Marine Labs, where the group was able to tour the facilities and meet with some researchers to learn about their work. The Hydrous also handed off some 3D printed models of coral reefs that were showcased at their annual Open House the following weekend.