The Adventure Continues

It's been a while since the last update so this post is going to be meaty. [dropcap]As the science continues, the dives become more epic. Yesterday I joined the "Mala-crawl",  a kayak bar crawl on the island of Malakal. Along with the amazing vistas and company, I photo-captured some giant clams and a WWII Japanese Zero wreck.[/dropcap]

Today while kayaking and snorkeling for more coral models, my friend and CRRF employee, Gerda Ucharm (the ch is silent), spotted an ancient Palauan drawing on one of the rock islands, right next to a construction site.

Ancient Palauan drawings
Ancient Palauan drawings

At dusk we went to look for Mandarin fish at Sam's Dive Shop Harbor. Little did we know we'd be in for the best photography dive of my life.

Gerda's eagle eyes spotted a crocodilefish, a devil scorpionfish, a filefish, pipefish galore, and a plethora of Mandarin fish.


R.I.P to my beloved Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter, who died in service at the Coral Reef Research Foundation harbor. I will establish the site as a new wreck dive and begin running dive tours next year.